How to go Gluten Free

If you’ve found your way here, you are most likely recently diagnosed with Celiac disease (or Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity), know someone who is, or you have a good idea that your tests are coming back false negative and have a hunch that you may be suffering from either of these issues.  My first comment to you is Congratulations on taking this very important step for your health! There are so many incredible benefits to going gluten-free, not the first of which is putting your poor, tired body at ease for a bit by removing what it perceives as harmful toxins.

Think back to your health classes, when you learned about our Immune Systems, and its role in protecting the body. The Immune System protects the body from infection, disease and foreign substances, known as allergens, and reacts against disease, infections and autoantigens (those pesky allergens).  So when you  introduce foods which your body perceives as allergens, your immune system  continues its never-ending battle to protect you from that which it perceives as a threat. So that yummy bagel you had for breakfast set off a series of responses, not the least of which is a continuous strain on your immune system to defend and protect against the assailant; gluten!

I know, it’s silly and I seem to be making light of it, which I am to a degree. But the point is simple; no matter how much you might love a food, if your one of the millions of us who suffers from a food allergy, your body will keep putting up the good fight to protect you. And if you’re like me, the continuous strain on your immune system leads to many other health issues. For me, it led to another auto-immune disorder called Hashimotos Disease, which also led to my immune system to not be able to recognize the difference between gluten, and various other grains. So, even though I’m not directly allergic to potatoes (for example), I can’t eat them without causing the same immune response that occurs when I eat gluten. Its being referred to as a cross-reactive allergen response.

So now that you know some of what can happen if you continue down your glutenful path, you may be wondering how to make such a dramatic change?

Tips for going gluten-free

Enjoy savory & delish gluten free dishes

The first suggestion I have is to remember a very simple, but wise mantra; take it one day at a time!

Live simply, gluten-free!


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