Paleo curried shrimp and spinach

I ran across this recipe today and it sounded so good that I made it for dinner tonight; it was a hit with both myself and my son (yay!) I added some mushrooms in with the onions while sautéing (I’m a BIG fan of sautéed mushrooms) so when it came to the point of blending the onions and mushrooms mixture I … Continue reading

Gluten-free Chicken Tenders

These tasty gluten and grain free chicken tenders came from a recipe I found on Marksdailyapple and are super easy to make. They’re a great alternative for kids, and perfect to use atop a salad when you’re craving a bit of a salty/crunchy treat. Plus they’re perfect to pair with an asian-inspired or spicy-fruit dipping sauce (think … Continue reading

Paleo Jambalaya

This recipe was sent to me from a friend (thanks Kristy!) who said it was delish and easy to make. We’ll be testing it this weekend, but wanted to share in anticipation so I can follow up next week with a review. Enjoy!                  Paleo-friendly Jambalaya (submitted by Kristy Chadderdon) … Continue reading

Carrot, kale, apple and ginger protein smoothie

I know many people who have a hard time eating breakfast in the morning, and though I’ve never ben one of those people, I understand why it’s hard to imagine eating a full meal first thing. So, as I changed up my daily breakfast routine today I thought it might be a good option for those of … Continue reading

Pollo al mattone: Chicken under a brick

Some dinner inspiration, thanks to Michael Lomonaco of Porter House New York. It requires a bit of prepping as it  calls for soaking the chicken overnight, but as one of my favorite dishes, I plan to give this one a shot this weekend! As a Primal Blueprint diet devotee, I turn to chicken several times a … Continue reading

Apple, carrot & ginger juice

Thanks to a recent gift from my parents, the fam and I are enjoying some delicious fresh juice on our new Jack LaLanne juicer.  Jack Lalanne was known for his incredible health and endurance and was one of the early pioneers of the benefits of exercising, eating right, and yes, juicing. He’s famous for swimming 1 1/2 miles in … Continue reading

Paleo Smoothie of the day

This is a fave smoothie of mine that helps ward off inflammation and gives a good boost of energy in the morning. For some it’s an acquired taste but I love it; if you find you prefer some almond or rice milk to help add some creaminess to it you can do so, but keep that to a minimum. … Continue reading

Dishes on Holiday Challenges

From mid November through early January, most people find themselves juggling multiple holiday parties, elaborate dinners, family get-togethers and perhaps the recipient of some well-intentioned holiday cookie platters from loving friends and neighbors.  If so, then you know all too well the inner battle that makes up your dreaded “holiday challenge”. If you’re like me, and you have food allergies, this can be the most challenging time; … Continue reading