BEATS – Bacon, egg, avocado & tomato salad

This is a quick and easy recipe for a side dish that I love to pair with meats and fish. It’s similar to the old-school wedge salads but doesn’t have all the fatty and high calorie badness from the Blue Cheese dressing, though it has the same creamy texture thanks to the avocado. And if you’re like us, you believe that most anything is made better with a touch of bacon 🙂 But for those avoiding meat, this is a great salad minus the bacon, and I’ve been told that almonds are a nice salty touch in its place. 

Super simple and delish – enjoy!


▪ 1 ripe avocado, chopped into chunks
▪ 2 boiled eggs, chopped into chunks
▪ 1 medium-sized tomato, chopped into chunks
▪ Juice from one lemon wedge
▪ 2–4 cooked pieces of bacon, crumbled (optional) ▪ Salt and pepper to taste 


Mix all ingredients together, stirring not too much, but just enough to make some of the avocado and egg into a slight mush. 

One Response to “BEATS – Bacon, egg, avocado & tomato salad”
  1. Bacon and avocado are always a good pairing, as are bacon and tomato. All three together? Sounds great.

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