Dishes on daily motivations

I ran across this image online and loved it as a daily motivational concept. When you’re struggling with health issues, and emotions and energy are up and down, it’s common to lose sight of the beauty of the small things in our day. To take each moment at a time, to stop and breathe through the frustrations, anger, fear… I know all too well how poor health can create anxiety and an inability to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.  I had to find some shelter from the pain, let myself off the hook for what I felt was a personal failure, and eventually learn to balance.

Balance is the key to my happiness, my health and my success. So go ahead, run faster if you can, eat better (as I know you can!) sleep in when you can and aim for the sky when it comes to your health and happiness. And yes, GET HAPPIER! Whatever the means for you, have happiness as your end result.

And don’t forget to breathe…

One Response to “Dishes on daily motivations”
  1. Love this, Jen. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the hard things, and to forget what’s really most important. Thanks for this!

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